Tips For Buying A Used Car

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tips for buying a used car for teens
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Millennials and Generation Z indeed prefer to use digital transportation services like Uber and Grab. In addition, at this time public transportation is also more environmentally friendly and can save a lot of time.

But the car is still the main requirement for everyone to travel, business and even for lifestyle.

Quoted from, many millennials are buying cars to improve their status. Even 40% claimed that Facebook and Instagram influenced their car choices.

Unfortunately not everyone can buy a new car as desired. The price of new cars is still relatively high, especially for those with limited budget.

But for those who really want to have your own car, then buying a used car is the best choice.

Reasons why people now prefer used cars over new cars:

1. Used cars generally have similar features to new cars

Don’t doubt the features offered by used cars.

If the age of the car from the car’s manufacturing year is around 3 years or less, then the features of the used car will be similar or not much different from those available in the new version.

However, you still need to check these features before buying the car, to make sure everything can function properly.

2. Used car prices are much cheaper

As mentioned before, the main reason why people prefer used cars is because they are cheaper than new cars. You can find a lot of used cars for sale under $3,000.

In addition, the price depreciation of used cars is generally much smaller when compared to new cars.

Price depreciation of new cars usually ranges between 15 to 25 percent per year. While depreciation of used cars is much lower than that.

The decline still depends on the condition of the car. If you do regular maintenance, the price of your used car will not drop significantly.

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There are several things to consider when buying a used car.

Tips for choosing a high-quality used car:

1. Choose a trusted dealer

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Trusted dealers have a high standard when selling used cars to their consumers

All vehicles will definitely go through a thorough inspection process.

All processes are carried out to ensure that the vehicle units to be sold have excellent conditions, both engine, suspension, exterior and interior.

And most importantly, they offer aftersales services to guarantee the quality of their cars.

Always ask the seller if there is something wrong with your car.

2. Check The Exterior

check exterior fo a used car for teens

The first part that you should pay attention to is the car’s exterior.

Do a thorough check on the most visible part of this.

Note whether there are scratches or damage to the body of the car, how the condition of the paint, is it still smooth or rough.

Also pay attention to the glass, if there are parts that are cracked or broken.

Pay attention to the lights, if there are broken parts. Also make sure whether the light is not bright anymore.

See also the condition of the four tires including the spare tire, is it still good or not suitable for use.

You can also look under the car to see if there are parts that are rusty and porous.

Make sure the components, such as doors, hood and windshields, are still original.

And last and most important is checking the main frame structure of the car. Make sure the frame or chassis of the car is still in top shape, make sure there are no marks of collisions or manual repairs.

3. Check The Interior

check interior - a used car for teens

There are many interior components that need to be checked such as air conditioners, audio systems, and light switches.

You must make sure everything works well, especially safety features such as seat belts and airbags.

After that, examine the condition of the car’s interior. Try sitting in the front and rear seats, is it still comfortable?

Also check the condition of the dashboard, ceiling and the carpet.

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Also pay attention to the smell of the interior, whether the musty-smelling interior could be one of the indications that the car has been damaged by flooding.

The glass should also not be forgotten, by trying to turn the windshield upside down.

Also check the wiper button and all door conditions.

Finally, try also to check the turn signal, hazard, headlights and brake lights. LED, Radio, GPS or other facilities are also important for you to try by turning it on.

4. Check Engine Condition

chec car engine - used car for teens

This is the important part that must be paid close attention to and should not be missed.

Turn on the engine and pay attention to the sound of the engine running. A good engine is a machine that sounds smooth and doesn’t sound harsh.

A car that is in good condition is also easy to start. After starting the engine try to do a test drive.

Try the transmission, make sure that the transmission runs smoothly. Feel the condition of the car while running.

If it feels a bit heavy, and tends to turn left or right, you should think twice about buying it.

In this test drive try to pass an uneven road, to find out the condition of the car’s suspension.

For the entire drive test process you should do this with the seller so that the seller also knows the condition of the car.

5. Ask for help from a friend or experienced mechanics

ask for help - used car for teens

It’s a good idea to bring a friend or a mechanic who understands and is experienced in checking used cars.

Even though you know a lot about cars, you can use their help to check the smallest details.

You can also use a car inspection service that provides reliable and experienced mechanics to inspect used cars. With professional help, you will feel more confident in buying the car of your choice.

As a potential buyer, you must be very careful before making any transaction.

Compare all the options, and don’t be too hasty.

Use all the tips above and thoroughly check the condition of the car and the completeness of the letter, then you can avoid losses when buying a used car.