Most Scary Ghost Stories in Southeast Asia, Reviewed!

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Do you believe in ghosts? Most people in Asia believe in the existence of ghosts and other mystical things.

Maybe because the culture in Asia is so thick with ancestral heritage, beliefs in spirits that can disturb humans are also passed down from generation to generation.

But apparently there are some events where ghosts really come into direct contact with humans, and it is quite disturbing and terrible.

Here are 5 scary stories that happened (or believed to have happened) in several countries in Southeast Asia:

1. Mae Nak Phra Khanong (Thailand)

Mae Nak Phra Khanong story

One horror story that is very well known in Thailand is Mae Nak Phra Khanong.

This story not only scared the local people, but also the tourists who came to Thailand.

The story begins with a beautiful young woman named Nak with her husband named Mak who lives by the river named Phra Khanong.

Mak was sent to war when Nak was pregnant. When her husband left her, Nak had difficulty when she wanted to give birth to her child, eventually Nak and also her child died without anyone’s knowledge.

But when Mak returned home from the war, he was greeted by his wife and children as if nothing had happened.

He can still see Nak and also his child. He did not believe what his neighbors said. The neighbors tried to remind Mak that his wife and child had died, if he could see them, then he was living with a ghost.

Mak did not believe everything that was said by his neighbor.

Not long after that, the neighbor who reminded Mak died suddenly.

Everyone in his village who knew the story of the Mak family was very scared. Even though Nak has died, his ghost will still wait for her husband to return.

Many people can hear the voice calling “Maaaakkkkk” when passing through the house.

Nak is very angry because Mak left her and her baby. Nak terrorized everyone in the village, until finally residents called a monk to calm Nak.

The monk put Nak in a bottle in the canal.

Unfortunately there was a child who saw the bottle floating and opened it, he accidentally let Nak go back to the village.

After that Nak always waits on the Phra Khanong canal with her baby.

Local people then made a statue of Nak on the canal. People who visit the place often hear a voice calling “Makkkkkk”.

2. The mystery behind Maria Labo (Philippines)

maria labo

Over the years Maria Labo has become a name feared by children in the Philippines.

Maria Labo became a legend that has a true story behind her name.

Initially this news spread in an elementary school in the 2000s, maybe in the late 90s.

Elementary school children at that time were very scared to leave the house when it was dark. There’s even a sheet and also a poster about Maria Labo complete with pictures of Maria.

Who is Maria Labo?

Children born in the 90s and 2000s must have known the sad story of Maria Labo and how she had major scars on her face, from the forehead to the chin.

This story begins with a woman named Maria who is married and has two children. To support her family Maria works as a caregiver in Canada.

From here the story starts to get a little confusing. Some say that she got his supernatural powers when caring for the elderly in the Philippines, but there are also those who say that she inherited it from someone.

However, finally Maria returned home, disappointed and in very poor condition.

Without a penny, she returned to her home in Capiz to look after 2 children and her husband. At this time Maria was satisfied with what she had but felt that something was off.

She often had nightmares, even sleeping became a very valuable thing for Maria. Because she was tired, she often fainted suddenly.

Her husband is worried about Maria’s mental state. But when her husband wanted to send Maria to a place of treatment, Maria returned back to normal as usual.

One night, the husband returned home and saw Maria cooking as usual. He called their children, but there was no answer.

He asked Maria where their children were, she turned around with a threatening look, and pointed at the stove.

There the husband found their two children in an unfortunate condition, cut into several parts and several limbs in the refrigerator.

In a state of panic, the husband attacked Maria with “Labo” and caused severe injuries to her face.

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She then went to the southern part of the Visayans and Mindanao, where her horror stories were heard in campsites and elementary schools for years.

It is believed that Maria Labo is a ghost horror story (aswang) that has been passed down in the Philippines.

Aswang is a ghost who wants human flesh. Despite globalization, aswang is still the scariest thing you can find, especially in provinces that still believe in these things.

What makes ghosts (aswang) so scary is their spiritual ability.

They can turn into animals like pigs, birds and dogs, roaming from place to place looking for prey.

Aswang usually silent but there are also voices such as “tick tick” or “time”. They can also be human, some believe they are cursed humans. So how can one become aswang?

This belief goes down stating that there is a ceremony that sends a sacred object from the previous aswang to the next aswang.

If someone in a family refuses to be aswang, he will be killed. Another way to become aswang is to rub a certain herb on the skin.

Although it is still unclear how Maria Labo became an aswang, she showed the same strength as aswang.

Not only wants human flesh, Maria can also be transformed into an animal and also young or old women.

There are also scattered telephone numbers mentioned which are Maria’s numbers. If we call the number, we will hear scary sounds.

3. Ma Lai’s ghost story (Vietnam)

Ma Lai's ghost story

Ma Lai is a well-known ghost character in Vietnam especially in rural areas in the highlands.

Ma Lai was a beautiful girl and came from northwest Vietnam where Vietnam and Laos met.

Ma Lai has 3 red spots on her neck and she often smells fishy.

At midnight Ma Lai will turn her head and separate her head from her body.

He will look for humans or animals to eat. Ma Lai’s head must return to his body before 4 am if he does not want to be destroyed by the sun.

Once upon a time there was a carpenter living alone far in the middle of the forest.

One day he went to look for firewood and saw a beautiful woman crying.

He came to the woman and asked why she was crying, the woman said her family had died of starvation and now she was living alone.

The carpenter invites the woman and then falls in love and makes her his wife. They lived happily together for 4 years.

But the carpenter wondered why his wife always used a scarf around his neck.

He did not know that he would experience a scary event.

One day a starving man came to their house and asked for food. This kind-hearted carpenter gives him food.

After eating the food, the person said “Because you are very kind, I will repay your kindness with truth. You might be curious why your wife always uses a scarf. That’s because he is Ma Lai’s ghost! ”

The person told me that the scarf was used to cover the three red dots that indicated that his wife was Ma Lai.

He goes on to say that every midnight his wife will separate her head from the body and look for prey.

The Carpenter did not believe what the man said, then he sent the man away.

Before leaving, the man said, “You don’t believe me? Try to follow what your wife did at midnight. If I make up this story, you can come to the temple behind our village and cut off my head ”

Believe that this guy is making it up so he wants to prove it.

Every night he pretended to sleep and waited until midnight.

After midnight, he heard a noise from his wife’s bed.

Slowly he saw that his wife was leaving the room. He rose from the bed and opened the door.

What he saw made him cringe. His wife’s head slowly turned and then slid out of his body, then flew out the window.

That was the scariest thing he had ever seen. He was so shocked that he did not know what to do.

He returned to the room and thought of a solution. An hour later he heard a noise from outside the room.

He pretended to sleep. His wife returned but with a very fishy odor. He wanted to throw up, but did not want to make his wife suspicious, so he forced himself to sleep.

When the sun rises, he goes behind the temple in panic. This carpenter tells everything he sees.

The person who had eaten at the artisan’s house also said, “There is one thing you can do to make this Ma Lai leave forever. Tonight, when his head is separated from the body, turn his body immediately.

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This way Ma Nai’s head cannot return, and when the sun rises, it will burn. Remember, whatever happens do not turn around again.

The following night he followed the advice of the person. When his wife’s head returned, all the houses were locked and he saw his body turned upside down.

She cried and begged her husband to be allowed in.

However, the carpenter ignored and forced himself to sleep.

The next day he saw dust. Without feeling afraid, the carpenter was sorry, because he felt so fond of his wife.

4 years together makes him feel comfortable around his wife. He then collected the dust, put it in a bottle and buried himself with the bottle.

4. The ghost of small kid on a public bus (Singapore)

The ghost of small kid on public bus

A loyal reader of the Shin Min daily shares his experience seeing ghost while riding a public bus in Singapore.

Man named Mr. Chen Lai Fu said that he could see ghosts since he was 6 years old. When he got on the bus on Sunday night, he was surprised to find a boy playing on that bus.

The little boy, who was around 9 years old, played and talked to him, but no one was aware of the boy.

The child goes around the bus, talking to the driver, but the driver cannot hear it.

On one occasion the child returned to the back of the bus where he sat and began counting the number of passengers on the bus.

Mr Chen said that the child asked the bus driver “Was there an accident?”, But the bus driver did not respond and seemed unaware of the boy’s presence.

The child returned to the back of the chair, started counting again and said “Wow, there are so many people!”

The little boy was attracted to Mr Chen because he could see him. The child uses a gray jacket and yellow pants.

After learning that Mr Chen could see him, the boy looked frightened.

But after that he returned to play with Mr Chen. “He gave me his jacket, but I didn’t pay attention.”

The moment was scary but Mr Chen ignored the boy throughout the trip. Even so the child did not stop playing.

During the trip, Mr. Chen realized that there were two male passengers, one Chinese and an Indian, seeing the child, but they did nothing. “Until I got off the bus, no one reacted to stop the child. I cannot be sure that anyone else can see the child “.

“Some ghosts walk very close to us, but others can wander as usual. I have seen 9 wounds on the face of a ghost, it is the clearest and clearest appearance I have ever seen, ”said Mr. Chen.

What convinced Mr. Chen that he could see ghosts was that his friends could not see what he was seeing.

5. Female Ghost Flying at First World Hotel, Genting (Malaysia)

hotel first world

A famous resort in Malaysia called the First World Hotel is probably the most scary resort.

This place is famous for its casinos, so don’t be surprised if there are a lot of murder cases related to gambling.

Many reports of creepy sounds that occur in the middle of the night, many even smell an unusual odor, which is a sign of the presence of ghosts in that place.

One report came from Haslimah saying that she had seen a woman at the resort.

Years ago (when the recreation park was still operating), she went with his family to Genting for a vacation.

She booked a hotel for 7 people at the First World Hotel, Genting. On the first day she and her family played all day in the recreation park. After that they had dinner and rested at the hotel.

Haslimah and her maid, Nana, play with her 3-year-old son in the room after bathing the child.

Suddenly the child became excited and waved to the window.

Haslimah was curious and looked at the window. She was very surprised to see a woman who saw them through the window, because she was on the 17th floor.

Haslimah saw the woman floating in the air. She  explained that the woman had black hair, was long, was very pale and was wearing a white shirt.

Almost all Haslimah families witnessed the horror experience.

Nana, waved in the air while holding a bottle of milk because Halimah’s husband was very surprised and frightened.

Halimah’s husband immediately pulled his wife and children away from the window. He began to pray while holding his wife and the ghost slowly leave them.

Haslimah and his family were very surprised by the incident and decided to turn on the lights and sleep close together throughout the night.

They finally left the hotel in the morning and would never return to that hotel.