Japan is very famous for its horror movies, some of which are internationally successful.

Through their movies and horror manga, these Japanese ghosts and mythical creatures seemed to be a timeless conversation.

Japanese culture does have a lot of scary ghost stories. Some are myths that originated from ancestors and are told from generation to generation.

Apart from our own beliefs, these are the 6 most legendary ghosts in Japan.

1. Sadako

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Perhaps this is the most known Japanese ghost in the whole world. Especially after the successful of Ju-On movie.

The appearance of Sadako’s ghost is in the form of a woman with long, curly hair, wearing a white kimono, wrists hanging down and usually the feet will float above the ground.

Sadako or also called “onryou” is a ghost who holds a grudge against others during her lifetime.

Her spirit is always haunting to take revenge on these people. Do you remember the scene of Sadako’s ghost depicted climbing out of a well and a TV?

It is said that this Ju-On film was inspired by one of the urban legends in Japan about the mysterious girl in the okiku well.

It was said that the young girl who lived with her grandmother in the village of Teitan disappeared for several days. Then the girl’s body was found in the well, but the cause of her death is unknown.

Until one day the villagers of Teitan were shocked by the appearance of the ghost of the girl who often appeared after the bells at the temple rang twice indicating that it was midnight.

2. Kappa

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Kappa is one of the famous ghost legends in Japan. It is said that this creature is an amphibian that can live on the land and in the water.

Kappa is also referred to as “water monkey” because it is similar to a monkey.

It’s Height resembles a child aged 4 or 5 years. Its mouth is shaped like a beak, webbed feet and hands, its back is shaped like a tortoise shell and its head has a kind of bowl filled with water.

As long as the bowl above his head contains water, Kappa’s magic ability will remain. Meanwhile, if the bowl is dry, then its magic power disappears and it will die.

It is said that Kappa likes to eat cucumbers. Therefore, if you want to escape from this creature, throw away the cucumber so that its attention is diverted to the cucumber.

Local people also said that you can trick the Kappa into bowing his head so that the water in his bowl spills.

3. Hanako

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Hanako is a ghost that often appears in manga, anime, and local movies.

It is said that Hanako can be found in the toilet. Actually, she will not show herself unless someone calls her.

The trick is to knock on the “third door” from the end of the toilet in each school and say “Hanako, are you there?”

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Usually this activity is often used as a test by school students in Japan.

When you have knocked on the door of the toilet and there is an answer “Yes, I’m in”, and if you still dare to open it, then you will see this ghost real figure.

She is said to have short hair, a pale face, and a red shirt.

However, be careful because Hanako will pull you into the toilet and finish your life with no mercy.

4. Teke-teke

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Teke-Teke is a story about a young girl who fell on a train and then her body splitted in two because of being run over by that train.

It is said that she always carried a large sharp sickle and she walked with both hands while dragging her body. And when she chases after her victim, she will run very fast.

When chasing the victim, we can hear from her body the sound of “teke-teke-teke-teke”. That’s where the name of this ghost came from.

Many people assume that this ghost is Kashima Reiko who is looking for her legs (her missing body parts).

This ghost is also known as a “brick” or a girl who runs with her elbow.

Children in Japan often tell this story and always remind each other about “teke-teke”. So most children in Japan will rush home before dusk, because they are very afraid to meet with “teke-teke”.

This urban legend is very famous in Japan. It is said that Kashima (Kashima Reiko) or the ghost of this teke is a woman who lives in Hokkaido, Japan.

Here is the story …

One night she was attacked by a group of unknown people on the street, they tortured her to death and left her on the highway. She tried to ask for help but no one heard or saw her.

While she was still conscious, she tried to crawl and cross into a railroad track, but then collapsed. It was at that moment of unconsciousness that her body was crushed by a fast moving train and was divided into two parts.

Because of this incident she became a curious ghost who was looking for a missing body part.

It is said that Kashima has traveled around the world to find her lost leg. This ghost can be found in the bathroom. When she appears in the bathroom she will give you a question.

And if you can’t answer the question or give the wrong answer, she will take both your legs.

When she asks “Where are my two legs?” The answer is “Your legs are on a railroad track in Meishin!”.

Then she will ask again, “Who told you that my legs were there?” And the correct answer was “Kashima Reiko San was the one who told me where your legs are!”.

But sometimes she asks with a trick question like “Do you know my name?”, Then don’t answer “Kashima”, you should answer “mask of the demon of death!” Because the abbreviation for Ka-Shi-Ma is Ka: kamen (mask), Shi: shini (dead person), Ma: ma (Devil).

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5. Kuchisake Onna

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It is said that this ghost is a kind of stealth in Japanese mythology and urban legends.

She was in the form of a woman who always covered her torned mouth.

Some say that she was the victim of a failed plastic surgery, and the doctor accidentally cut her mouth to tears.

So the woman was hysterical and angry and then killed the doctor. The woman was then killed by local people and became a ghost.

Meanwhile, in the version of a Japanese urban legend, Kuchisake Onna is a young woman who lived in the Heian era who was possibly the wife of a samurai. She is very beautiful but arrogant, she also has an affair.

Then her husband felt jealous of being betrayed, then attacked his wife and tore her mouth to the ear.

Local people say that she often walks in quiet places and if she meets someone she will ask “Am I beautiful?”.

If the person who answered “Yes”, then she will open the mask and ask again, “Even if like this?”.

Usually people will be shocked then answer “no”, and eventually killed. But if someone answers “yes” after seeing the ugly face behind her mask, she will feel happy and free the person.

But there are also those who say that even if she does that, that person will be followed to the house and will be killed at the front door of the house.

If the victim is a woman, her mouth will be torn to pieces like her, if the victim is a child, it will be eaten.

But there are also those who say, if you want to survive this Kuchisake Onna then just answer “normal” or “so”. Because answering that will make Kuchisake Onna confused and there is time for you to escape.

Another way to save yourself is to give her a dark yellow candy because she loves it.

6. Rokurokubi

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This long-necked ghost is said to be a human being when he was convicted of breaking rules in Buddhism.

During the day she looks like an ordinary human, she blends in with the community and even has a husband.

But when it was night, she would show her true form. Her neck will become long and her face turns scary.

People say that ghosts often frighten people, she usually shows up in front of the drunks and who are sleeping. She also sucks human blood.

7. Oni

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Oni adopted a human-like shape that was quite large than a normal human size. They are also believed to have horns on their heads.

In Mandarin, Oni is literally interpreted as a “ghost” because at first they were invisible. Big, red and likes to eat humans.

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