Boruto Uzumaki Powers in the Future, Reviewed!

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In the anime version, Boruto is arguably not very strong yet. But there are signs that the power of Boruto as a teenager will be extraordinary!

Sarada excels even more often in one-on-one duels than Boruto, who must still be helped to defeat the enemy. But if you look at Boruto’s manga and self versions in the future, Boruto’s potential power is actually great.

1. Boruto could be a shinobi armed with ninja technology

boruto ninja technology

Ninja technology is increasingly used everywhere. Boruto may have become a victim of ninja technology, where he was manipulated by Katasuke to use sophisticated tools to fight in the Chunin Exam.

But as he learned in the Kawaki retrieval mission, ninja technology is not evil.

Evil or good technology depends on the user. It could be later Boruto will use ninja technology to help him in the mission. In the Chunin Exam there are indeed limitations. (Senjutsu alone may not be used). But in a life or death mission, ninja technology can really be very helpful.

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2. Boruto’s Rasengan Kieru will definitely be stronger

Boruto's Rasengan Kieru

Kieru Rasengan is one of Boruto’s visible strengths. What’s interesting is that this style can make it disappear. Even Momoshiki was surprised to make it.

In the future, Boruto will definitely develop this technique again. Maybe Kieru Rasengan will become bigger, but can it still disappear suddenly?

3. Training with Sasuke can make Boruto copy the techniques like Kirin?

Boruto copy the techniques like Kirin

Kirin is one of Sasuke’s interesting techniques to be imitated by Boruto, since the lightning element matches Boruto. The problem? Kirin is actually a troublesome technique.

Sasuke must utilize Amaterasu to help make this technique easier. This technique requires the presence of lightning clouds to be used.

In ordinary situations, without a move like Amaterasu to help bring up the thunder cloud, Kirin cannot be taken out.

But if it is true that Boruto developed the Kekkei Genkai thunderstorm, he might be able to create lightning clouds without Amaterasu’s help.

4. Boruto could transform like Momoshiki

boruto Momoshiki

Now, Boruto is Momoshiki Otsutsuki’s container. Just like Kawaki is prepared to be an Isshiki container.

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During the conflict with Jigen, Kawaki was shown his form began to change until it became similar to that of Isshiki. Boruto could change like Momoshiki later with the Karma seal.

Momoshiki itself has powers like Rinnegan that can absorb and restore jutsu more strongly than they should.

If Boruto could use it too, he would have an extraordinary power.

5. With the Karma seal, Boruto can become stronger and absorb jutsu

boruto seal

The strength of the Karma Boruto seal is highly highlighted in the manga version. Karma seals have the ability to absorb jutsu. Karma activation can also increase physical strength and jutsu.

With all this, even the young Boruto can suddenly become very strong.

6. Boruto has the potential to create a new Kekkei Genkai 

kekkei gengai

On the fifth opening, Boruto shows the appearance of a thunderstorm. There is speculation that Boruto will later combine elements to create a fierce attack.

Indeed, for now the opening is still unclear. But as Boruto became stronger, and given Boruto’s creativity in composing the technique, he could have made this cool jutsu come true.