The 4 Best Cameras For Beginner Photographers

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4 best cameras for beginners
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Speaking of cameras for beginners, this is actually worth debating (or at least discussing), what is the best camera for newbies?

Because actually it’s fine if you are a beginner in the field of photography or videography and want to directly buy a premium camera.

But it’s also okay if you’re a beginner, and decide to find a camera that is easy to use, no matter what price, what model.

And it’s okay if you are a beginner, and want to have a camera that tends to be cheap.

So what is the most appropriate camera for beginners?

In this article, I consider several things that become the characteristics of a camera that is suitable for beginners. Especially if it continues to become a serious hobby later.

Without trying to put aside aspects of the ease of use of the camera. Here are the main elements:

Replacement of Lens

By allowing lens replacement, beginners can learn more about “focal length” and its effect on how wide or narrow the photo results are.

In addition, various other possibilities such as photos of moving objects or photos at night can all be achieved by switching lenses.

Manual Mode

Using a pocket camera that can only point and shoot with auto settings is fun. Because we just need to choose the object and the results will be pretty good without having to bother about complicated settings.

It’s just that, for beginners there is definitely a possibility to learn manual mode because gradually you will understand that the auto setting is quite often giving poor results in a variety of situations.

Able To Record Video

Those who initially only dabbled in photography, might instead prefer videography. Especially with the current social media that is more friendly to all types of video content. While the price of this type of camera is indeed quite expensive, you should choose a camera that can also do video as well.

I understand very well when there is a camera for beginners, it actually refers to a camera that is quite cheap. The intention is for a camera that allows us to get better results, able to learn a lot of things, but also does not need too much investment.

1. Canon EOS 1500D

camera for beginners - Canon EOS 1500D

For the Canon 1500D, the specifications are almost similar to the 3000D. It’s just that it has a larger photo resolution of 24MP, so we can expect to get high resolution photos.

The LCD monitor on this camera is also larger with a size of about 3 inches, compare to 3000D which is only 2.7 inches.

2. Canon EOS M100

camera for beginners - Canon EOS M100

M100 is mirrorless from Canon which was released to replace the EOS M10.

M100 is arguably the cheapest mirrorless at the moment. Even so the M100 has pretty cool features, including: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Touchscreen.

Touchscreen is an important feature for beginners because it’s usually easier to change settings by just pressing what’s on the screen.

As for DSLRs, it is necessary to understand which dial to press / rotate to change the settings. With a touchscreen, beginners are expected to be able to master their own cameras more quickly, and can start learning about other things.

For photos, the Canon EOS M100 is the same as A5100 and 1500D which provides a 24.2 MP photo resolution with APS-C sensor.

Although the external flash cannot be installed, the M100 is arguably a camera that is more simple in operation so that new users can easily use it.

3. Sony A5100

camera for beginners - Sony A5100

This mirrorless camera from Sony has a price that is quite economical. The A5100 inherits a fast autofocus system from Sony’s mirrorless line, so it’s perfect for street photos with moving objects.

Speaking of photo results, the A5100 has a 24MP photo resolution with an APS-C sensor just like the Canon 1500D.

But because each person has their own preferences, some argue that the results of Sony’s mirrorless photos have a more pronounced contrast. In addition, the plus points are that Sony lenses have more options than other mirrorless brand lenses.

Sony A5100 is the oldest product released in 2014. But that does not mean it is not good, the results are still above the average of new cameras, and the batteries are also more resistant.

But there is a possibility that in the near future this product will be discontinued.

4. Canon EOS 3000D

camera for beginners - Canon EOS 3000D

The 3000D is a camera that is plotted to replace the Canon EOS 1300D series. Intentionally intended for first-time camera users.

What makes this 3000D suitable for beginners?

For a very economical price (around $ 400), the 3000D is equipped with Wi-Fi, Full HD 1080 video resolution, and even has 30fps quality.

For photo resolution is still the same as its predecessor 1300D, which is at 18MP.

Another plus point is that the 3000D allows external flash to be installed. So for beginners who want to explore photo art in the studio with additional light in the form of flash (or commonly called strobis), 3000D already provides these features.