Albumin is the main protein in human blood. The function of albumin is quite important, one of which is to prevent cell damage in your body.

As part of Millennial and Generation Z who are very active and doing a lot of activities, we often forget to maintain this “albumin” level.

Lack of albumin (hypoalbumin) will make us feel weak, lack of energy and susceptible to illness. Albumin deficiency can be fulfilled by consuming fish, eggs and nuts.

But what exactly is the real funtion of albumin itself? Check out the explanation below.

1. To Prevent Cell Damage

prevent cell damage - albumin function


Albumin increases the body’s cell regeneration process. If you want your body to grow and develop properly, then the levels of albumin in your body must be normal.

A normal albumin range is 3.4 to 5.4 g / dL

Albumin can repair damaged cells immediately, so that your body’s development will not be disrupted.

Lack of albumin, especially in the growth period can trigger slow cell growth and the risk of becoming abnormal.

2. As an Effective Wound Healer

wound healer - albumin function


This one function is very important especially for those of us who are closely involved in outdoor activities.

Albumin can even be able to accelerate wound healing after surgery.

The benefits of this albumin are certainly very useful for wound healing for those of you who often suffer injuries due to work or while doing your hobby.

3. Maintain Fluid Balance

fluid balance - albumin function


To maintain your body fluid balance, you will need adequate levels of albumin.

Albumin acts as a regulator of fluid balance in body cells.

If the body’s cells lack of fluids, albumin will help the fluid needs in cells by supplying the fluid content in the blood. Vice versa, if the cell experiences an excess amount of fluid, albumin will remove unneeded fluid from the cell.

If the cell has a well-maintained fluid balance, it will improve the function of the cell itself.

4. Improving Hormone Function

improving hormone function - albumin


Albumin also plays an important role in transporting several hormones such as homon thyroxine and cortisol hormone throughout the body.

If the body lacks albumin it will automatically reduce the amount of hormones that can be transported and of course your body becomes deficient in hormones.

Hormone deficiency will slow down the growth and development of your body, so be sure to meet your albumin needs.

5. For Muscle Growth

muscle growth - albumin function


Albumin can improve muscle cell function.

Reserves of albumin are actually found in our muscles. If you lack albumin, your body will take it from these muscles. But if done continuously then the body’s metabolic function will be disrupted.

6. Improving Nutrient Absorption

nutrient absorption - albumin function


The last function of albumin is to help improve the absorption of nutrients in your body.

If the absorption system of nutrients in your body does not work optimally then the body’s growth and development will be disrupted.


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