7 Most Useless Superheroes, Ever!

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useless superhero ever 2019
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Some superheroes are actually quite strange even to the point of being useless.

Maybe because the power they have is considered very illogical or unreasonable.

What comes to mind when we hear the word ‘superhero’?

It is definitely a cool figure, brave with super powers to save a lot of people.

But apparently not all superheroes are as we imagine.

1. Color Kid (real name: Ulu Vakk)

Color Kid - useless hero
source: pinterest.com

From the name alone is quite strange, containing the word kid, even though his face looks quite old.

Judging from his hair style, it seems like he uses expensive hair oil to be able to form hair like that.

This superhero also uses pink as the color of his arms.

But what makes it look even more striking, is the picture of a rainbow on his chest. Whether it’s his personal symbol, or just doodles, no one knows.

Do not stop there, his strength also helped add to the list of oddities Color Kid.

He has the ability to change the color of everything in the universe, including everything on earth. Let me ask, do you think this power is useful? I mean, really?

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2. Starfox (real name: Eros)

Starfox - useless hero
source: pinterest.com

His super power is quite strange. He is able to make any woman attracted to him in an instant.

It seemed like he was more suitable not to wear a costume seeing how strange his strength was.

If the power is used for something positive, it might be quite useful. But just imagine if he uses this power for something bad, or for his own benefit.

Maybe he will be more suitable as a playboy than a superhero. So, what if he has to fight a male enemy? I have no idea.

3. Matter-Eater Lad (real name: Tenzil Kem)

Kite-Man - useless hero
source: pinterest.com

Maybe this is a superhero who has the shortest way to defeat his enemy.

How? Yes he only needs to eat all his enemies.

Because the power he has is none other than eating everything. Anything!

Can you imagine if this Matter-Eater was able to eat Thanos and all members of The Avengers? He will be the one and only superhero in this planet, of course if he doesn’t eat the planet.

4. Kite-Man (real name: Charles Chuck)

Kite-Man - useless hero
source: pinterest.com

This superhero uses a kite every time he runs the action. However, the kite was not just an ordinary kite.

The kite is a large kite that is attached to his back to help him fly, and has a variety of sophisticated weapons.

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Strangely, the kite was made of paper.

5. Stone Boy (real name: Dag Wentim)

Stone Boy - useless hero
source: pinterest.com

Yep, he can turn himself into stone.

When he has completely transformed into stone, he has all the natural qualities that rocks have in general. Hard, can’t move, just stay quiet. Or in other words, really become a real stone!

Maybe if there is a silent competition where we can’t move or talk for 24 hours. Then we have the winner!

6. Super Wonder-Twin (real name: Zan & Jania)

Super Wonder-Twin - useless hero
source: pinterest.com

Their ability is to transform themselves into water.

Maybe we are a little confused, how could they defeat the enemy by just being a water? Make their enemies slip?

In essence, it looks like they are obliged to bring a ‘Caution, Wet Floor’ warning board if they act in public places.

7. Razor Back (real name: Buford Hollis)

Razor Back - useless hero
source: pinterest.com

Most superheroes do use animals as their motives.

Starting from Batman, Spiderman and also Ant-Man.

But this superhero chose pig as his motive. Quite strange huh. Maybe pig is his favorite animal.

At least his well-built body enough to cover this oddity, even if only a little.

Then what strength does he have? Its strength is being able to drive all types of vehicles.

Wait, what’s the relationship between riding a jeep and a pig? Maybe you know?