6 Unique Facts About Cosplay That You Must Know!

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7 unique facts about cosplay
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For those of you who like Japanese-style harajuku and comics, you must have seen Cosplay-style makeup.

In Japan, Cosplay is very popular and has now spread to various countries around the world.

Cosplay is a term for people who like to wear costume-style characters in animated films, comics, manga and video games.

Derived from 2 combined words in English, “Costum and Play”. And the one wearing it is called, Cosplayer.

For those of you who don’t understand about Cosplay or also think that Cosplay is an obscure hobby. Then you will regret after reading these 7 unique facts about Cosplay.

1. Cosplay is a hobby to express art and talent

7 unique facts about cosplay - a
source: unsplash.com/@soakedinnirvana

Cosplaying isn’t as easy as people think. This is not just wearing costumes, wigs and makeup similar to anime characters.

More than that, underneath his costume and makeup, a cosplayer also plays a role based on the character.

Their acting arts are also honed to play the role of the characters they wear.

The art of cosplay at this time is also increasingly developing. There have been quite a lot of cabaret competitions, where we can practice our acting on stage with other cosplayers.

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Aside from acting, cosplayer also has the talent to become a model.

2. Being a cosplayer forces you to be creative

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source: thenewdaily.com.au

The process of preparing for cosplay costumes is quite difficult and complicated.

Especially if there are many additional accessories such as guns, swords, and various other accessories. Not everyone is willing or able to do it.

But these cosplayers will make it with their own hands.

Cutting foam, looking for trinkets, sewing, painting, and finally failing, then repeating the same process from the beginning, without despair.

But that is all part of the plan.

Although it can’t be as perfect as the original version, at least the cosplayers have tried to do the best from their own efforts. Isn’t that cool?

3. Cosplayers are very good at acting!

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source: unsplash.com/@mcbigpon

Have you ever seen a cosplayer who acted strangely or unnaturally? Don’t be surprised, it’s not because they are crazy.

They act like that because they are playing their role seriously.

Isn’t it strange if you see Naruto acting calm and reserved? or when the Light Yagami (Death Note) act mischievously?

Those will make OOC (Out Of Character) and damage the meaning of the cosplay itself.

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4. Cosplaying is very useful for networking

source: unsplash.com/@catrionaobrian

Cosplayers are very easy to get along with fellow hobbyists, and those who are in the same project. In fact, cosplayers from abroad can get to know each other and become close friends.

Cosplayers often hold gathering events to expand relationships and networking.

5. Cosplay is a hobby that makes money

source: evebeauregard.wordpress.com

This hobby is not just about wearing costumes and having fun. But it can also make you a lot of money.

The cosplay business can range from winning competitions, becoming cosplayers for parades and so on. If a cosplayer attends more than 20 conventions a year and sells minimum 100 prints per weekend for $20, that’s more than $50,000 a year!

You can even become a professional model and open a cosplay costume making service.

Whatever it is, this hobby is not only fun but also makes money! Cool, right.

6. Being a cosplayer must prepare to be hated, or to be loved

source: unsplash.com/@kumakum

Playing a character is indeed not easy. Many cosplayers are considered inappropriate for playing the original character, and finally blasphemed by fans who love the original character, offline and online

But there are cosplayers who are considered very similar to the original character and eventually become very popular on social media.

That’s the joy and sorrow of being a cosplayer.